What is Android app A mobile software application developed for use on devices powered by Google's Android platform. Android apps are available in the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market), in the Amazon Appstore and on various Android App-focused sites, and the apps can run on Android smartphones, tablets, Google TV and other devices.
Google Play In-Android App Billing Build an app with a steady revenue stream that keeps users engaged by offering new content or virtual goods directly in your app. All transactions are handled by Google Play Store for a simple user experience.. Making Your App Content Searchable by Google As mobile apps become more pervasive, users are looking for relevant information not only from web sites but also from apps they have installed. You can enable Google to crawl through your app content and present your Android app as a destination to users through Google Search results, when that content corresponds to a web page that you own..


Android is a popular, Linux-based mobile phone operating system developed by Google. The Android operating system (OS) powers phones, watches, and even car stereos. Let's take a closer look and learn what Android really is.Android is a widely-adopted open-source project. Google actively develops the Android platform but gives a portion of it for free to hardware manufacturers and phone carriers who want to use Android on their devices.

Google only charges manufacturers if they also install the Google apps portion of the OS. Many (but not all) major devices that use Android also opt for the Google apps portion of the service. One notable exception is Amazon. Although Kindle Fire tablets use Android, they do not use the Google portions, and Amazon maintains a separate Android app store.